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SBI Life – Sampoorn Suraksha is a group, non-linked, non-participating, pure risk premium life insurance scheme offered by State Bank of India (SBI). It is available for a variety of primary and secondary groups. SBI Life – Under Sampoorn Suraksha, SBI customers can get instant life cover of up to ₹40 lakh through YONO app.

Here are some of the key features of SBI Life – Sampoorn Suraksha:

Instant Approval: There is no need for any medical examination to apply for SBI Life – Sampoorn Suraksha, hence customers can get instant approval.

High sum assurance: SBI Life – Sampoorn Suraksha offers sum assurance of up to ₹40 lakh, which can help provide financial security to your loved ones in your absence.

Forex: SBI Life – Sampoorn Suraksha provides various riders like income benefit rider and waiver of premium rider, which can help in making your insurance plan more comprehensive.

Facility: SBI Life – Applying for Sampoorn Suraksha and paying premium is very easy through YONO app.

SBI Life – How to apply for Sampoorn Suraksha:

SBI Life – To apply for Sampoorn Suraksha, you have to follow the following steps:

Download the SBI YONO app and open it.

Click on the “insurance” tab and then select “life insurance”.

Click on “SBI Life – Sampoorn Suraksha”. Enter your personal information and choose the best assured and premium period.

Choose any rider you want.

Pay the premium.

Please confirm your application.

Once your application is approved, you will receive an insurance deed.


SBI Life – Sampoorn Suraksha is a good option for those who are looking for a life insurance plan that is easy to avail and does not require any medical examination. It is available for different groups and offers different riders, which makes it more widespread.

Note: The information given here is for general purposes only and should not be taken as insurance advice. SBI Life – For more information regarding Sampoorn Suraksha, please visit SBI website or contact any SBI insurance agent.

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