Bitcoin Economy: New sectors emerging from the Bitcoin eco-system and their analysis


Bitcoin is an innovative digital currency that emerged in 2009 and beyond

Paved the way for countless cryptocurrencies to come into circulation.

Bitcoin; With its market capitalization,
The increasing number of transactions and volume, and the market price becoming more stable over time,
It has become an asset used by more individuals. Bitcoin technically uses an infrastructure
This is called the “blockchain” which contains all the transactions.
Allows the user’s computer to verify the validity of a transaction.
In financial terms, Bitcoin is an asset that somehow fulfills the basic functions of money, such as being a medium of exchange.
A unit of account, a means of payment in futures transactions, and a means of storing money.

The process of printing money in Bitcoin also involves mining,

e-wallet applications that ensure the preservation of funds in personal and corporate accounts, financial services that focus on technical infrastructure and/or provide technical analysis services on the value of currency, and services that enable money transactions. Create it and exchange it with others. Currencies This has created a new economy that includes intermediaries of exchange that act as exchanges that enable currency exchange,

payment processors that enable the use of currency as a means of payment for the purchase and sale of goods and services. Let’s enable. Let’s enable. Let’s enable. Let’s enable. Let’s enable. Allow, and companies that provide more than one of these services. This new economy brings with it opportunities and is attracting venture capital investment.

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